Year 4

Welcome to 4 Acer and 4 Cypress!

At Mulgrave, we aim for all Year 4 children to have an inspiring, thrilling and educationallyImg 3223 enthusing time in school. The curriculum is expansive and also allows children to benefit from excellent extra-curricular learning opportunities.  They have the opportunity to go on a residential visit, where they will take part in many exciting and adventurous activities.  In June, Year 4 will participate in the nationwide Multiplication Times Tables Check for Year 4 children. 

We aim to prepare children for life by instilling skills that will be useful to them throughout their lives. In addition, we provide a far-reaching education that encapsulates provision for children’s awareness of citizenship to encourage them to aspire to make contributions to their community in meaningful ways. 

We continue to liaise with the children and their parents to ensure children reach their full potential in all areas of their learning and are ready to move on to Year 5 at the end of the Summer Term. 


Home Learning

Please click here to read about how you can support your child at home in Year 4.