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  • Jun 17 Year 3 Oak learning about how shadows are formed and using terminology like opaque, transparent and translucent. Read more
  • Jun 17 3 Oak learning to compare and order fractions with the same denominators Read more
  • Jun 17 3 Oak manipulating sentences to identify subordinating clauses in context of The Tree Lady - our core text this term Read more
  • Jun 15 Year 5 approaching the radial questions this morning in order to interpret the meaning behind Holub’s poem, ‘The Door’- how does the language choice in this poem support the meaning? what do you think of our ideas? 🤔 💭 Read more
  • Jun 15 Introducing this terms topic ‘Trees’ in reception class involved a trip to our mini Orchard. We started reading “Trees” by Lemniscate book and talking about all the ways that tress are important to us. Chestnut class Read more