What is ICAN at Mulgrave and Pound Park?

The ICAN provision in Greenwich opened in 1998 at Cyril Henry Nursery school. With the closure of Cyril Henry Nursery School, the provision moved to Mulgrave Primary School in February 2005. The ICAN provision in Greenwich is one of a UK-wide network, developed by ICAN, in partnership with The Royal Borough of Greenwich and Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust. We have been an ICAN accredited specialist provision since the provision opened in 1998.

In 2014 the provision opened an additional site at Pound Park Nursery School.

ICAN at Mulgrave and Pound Park provides integrated education and speech and language therapy to pre-school children (from the age of 2 years) with significant speech and language difficulties. The settings provide an inclusive model of intervention. Children attend the provision for one term only (a minimum of 10 weeks). Children are supported in their transition to their local nursery setting after attending this short term intensive placement.

ICAN at Pound Park is staffed by experienced ICAN staff and is running the same intensive ICAN programme that was developed at ICAN at Mulgrave.

Children attending the ICAN provision in Greenwich are fully integrated into the nursery classes at Mulgrave and Pound Park. Children are supported in a language rich environment with signs and symbols, which allows them to develop their language skills at the same time as benefitting from the mainstream nursery environment. Each child is observed and assessed on the EYFS tracking and given specific language targets and which are met through small group and individual work, focused activities and supported free play.

In addition to working directly with the children, the ICAN staff work in partnership with parents/carers to ensure generalisation and support at home. Parents are required to attend three parent workshops. Each family is offered a Parent child interaction (PCI) therapy session, and have opportunities to work with the Speech and Language Therapist to learn other interventions appropriate for their child. Each family has daily contact with staff and receives on-going feedback. Families are invited to attend at least one review meeting.

Children are referred to the ICAN provision by their Early Years Speech and Language Therapy team. There is a strict entry criteria to the provision, based on age, types of difficulties and parental commitment to attendance. Children start the placement around their third birthday and have significant difficulties in the areas of speech and language as their primary need.

Who can refer a child to ICAN and who is appropriate to attend?

Children are referred to ICAN by their clinic Speech and Language Therapist.

Children must:

  • be known to the Greenwich Speech and Language Therapy Service
  • be a specific age; usually, a child has their 3rd birthday during the term they attend ICAN
  • have significant speech and language difficulties in their home language
  • have speech and language difficulties as their primary need

What happens at ICAN?

  • A specialist team of early years practitioners and speech and language therapists work with the children each day
  • The children enjoy the benefits of a mainstream nursery whilst receiving daily intensive adult support to develop their speech, language and communication skills
  • The staff work closely with parents and offer parent workshops and individual sessions with you and your child
  • Children attend for ten weeks; they will attend five morning or afternoon sessions each week

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