We would like to share some of the fantastic comments we have received from various people that have visited our school.

January 2018 

Achievement Assembly

Each Friday, the parents and carers of those children who are celebrated in our achievement assembly, are invited along to see them receive their award.

Achievement Assembly

Tomasz's mum said that it was a real pleasure to see the children receiving their award.  She added that it is very important for them to feel appreciated.

Dia's mum said that it was very nice to see the children getting their achievement award and that she is very happy that her daughter received the award.

7th November 2017

Curriculum Evening

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Parents and carers visited our Curriculum Evening on 7th November 2017 and left the following comments:

My child is happy in the school and his reading and writing has improved.  He is happy at Mulgrave.

This meeting was very informative with a broad view of how parents can assist their children at home.  The staff were very friendly.

The meeting was very engaging, well structured and it was easy to follow what the teachers talked about.  The Headteacher's address was very friendly and there was generally a warm atmosphere.

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Author Kate Scott visited Mulgrave on 14th July 2017.  

Dear Ms Abbas,

I just wanted to pass on my thanks for ensuring that my visit to you was such a success. I was given such a lovely and warm welcome by all the staff and Sultana went out of her way to make everything go smoothly. (We were particularly touched by the trouble she went to with the book signing area.) I'm so sorry I didn't get the chance to meet you but hope that I may be able to visit again in the future with my next book and see you then!

The students were fantastic and had such fabulous imaginations! 

I am about to be listed on the Authors Aloud website and they ask for some school recommendations -- if you feel you (or one of the teachers who saw my talk) are able to recommend me, it would be wonderful to add your comments to my list but please don't worry if you'd rather not or don't have time as I do realise you are trying to clear up your to-do list before the end of term!

I hope you have a wonderful -- and much deserved -- summer break. Again, huge thanks to you and to all the staff for ensuring my visit to you was so enjoyable.

All best,



January 2017:


Joe Turner, Schools Direct student teacher who is currently working in Year 2 Sycamore - 

On the morning of 5th of January 2017, I went on a learning walk with Mrs Chapman. I found the walk to be very informative, as I was able to see teaching in learning environments from nursery to year 6. In every classroom, I could see that all children were fully engaged in the lessons being taught. I also was introduced to members of non-teaching staff and developed an understanding of their roles and responsibilities within the school. Lastly, I really enjoyed the learning walk, as I got a sense of the friendly ethos behind the school and I am looking forward even more to spending the next 5 weeks here.

November 2016:

This is a fantastic school, extremely organised and with very high expectations. - Supply Teacher

I am really happy with the help you gave me when completing the application for primary school for my child.  I received all the information I needed, thank you. - Parent

Thank you so much for helping me with filling in my son's Reception application.  The staff were very helpful and I got most of the information I needed. - Parent

I would like to thank Nicki for all her support with some very personal issues that she has help me with. - Parent

September 2016: