Staff Professional Development

Each member of staff who works with us has their own personalised CPD plan to ensure that they become the best educator possible.

During the past year our staff have attended the following courses:

Leadership Course

A great opportunity to network with peers and develop strategies for leadership. Drawing upon research from a variety of experts, I now feel more equipped to deal with a range of different challenges. - Russell Benjamin

It was good to network and meet other people from different schools.  We have started to implement some of the leadership techniques we learnt to coach others. - Sanjiv Chapman

I learnt how to prioritise and bring others on board within the immediate team and school.  It was a good experience to discuss ideas and share good practice. - Sara Abbas

I thought that this was an excellent course and felt really inspired as this was run by a brilliant speaker.  I also enjoyed the opportunity to meet staff from the other schools. - Mel Beattie

It was a good opportunity to see good practice in other schools and was excellent for developing my own leadership skills. - Sue Gardner

Art in Education Course

The Art in Education course has been well resourced, modelled well and allowed us to be 'hands on' and experience what is it like to be a learner taking part in the activities. We have had advice about Art displays and how to link our topics to printmaking. We have learnt about different ways of printing that I didn't know before.  This is going to be really useful - especially as backgrounds for other Art produced, I've already put it into the next medium term plan. The course has been well organised and resourced, is informal and a chance for us to experiment with ideas and develop techniques. I am looking forward to sharing these techniques with the teachers here. - Jeremy Calnan

Mindfulness - Inset

The timing for this course was excellent (at the start on the academic year) where I was looking very far into the year ahead. This course brought my attention to being in the present and equipped me with tools (mindfulness practices) for the year and life in general.  I enjoyed being able to take part in the practice and also see how it can be conducted and used in class. - Valerie Oxman

The welcome and introduction to NQT Program – 12 September 2016.

I attended this course with Ms Holder and felt very supported and part of an exciting new group of people starting out on a journey. We reflected on how we were inspired into teaching.  This course gave me the opportunity to meet and network with other NQT’s and find out about the values of the partnership. - Vicky Buzoku

I got the opportunity to see the exciting learning environment in the EYFS setting at Woodhill and came back with lots of ideas. - Irene Frimpong

Behaviour and building relationships NQT professional development – 26 September 2016

One of the main focus for the welcome introduction was relationship building.

It made me reflect on my relationship with the children so far as a group and individuals and the impact of my practice on the children.

I have focused on building a relationship with each child following this course.

It was interactive and I enjoyed an inspiring Tedtalk on building relationships with children.

The person delivering the course had researched the topic by speaking to pupils in her school.

EYFS – Literacy – 10th October 2016

We were a small group of four.

The course was very relevant and applicable. We were given lots of opportunity to ask questions and our question were answered fully. It was a very discursive session that was motivating. - Irene Frimpong

Middle Leadership Course

The middle leadership course I attended allowed me to open my mind in the company of ‘like-minded individuals’ and be able to think carefully and explore my strengths and weaknesses as well as learn ways to improve and develop my skill-set.

It was a great course with an excellent mix of theory, practical application and personal review.  Great feedback throughout the course overall, definitely a worthwhile experience. - Sara Bruquetas

Challenge Partners

A fantastic experience where I deepened my analytical skills with regards to: RaiseOnline, SEF, Head Teacher Reports, Assessments and Teaching and Learning. By reviewing a school, I was also able to direct leadership to specific next steps to drive school improvement. - Russell Benjamin

I attended the Challenge Partners course which gave me an excellent insight into peer support in line with Ofsted expectations.  It was a great opportunity to inspect other schools and look at good practice in the form of partnership and collaboration. - Sara Abbas