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Forest School

“Forest School is an inspirational process that offers children, young people and adults regular opportunities to achieve, and develop confidence through hands-on learning in a woodland environment.”  Forestry Commission, England.

Here at Mulgrave, children in Year 3 have been spending time in the wooded area near the nursery.  Theyhave been linking their learning to their topic book ‘The Island’. The book deals with immigration, which is the global learning theme for this half term.


Over the past few weeks the children have become ‘island explorers’, investigating an unknown place. This led to the discovery of lots of local inhabitants, namely insects. The children were taught how to handle the creatures as well as identifying them.

They also enjoyed making mud islands, which linked into their science topic of rocks and soils. The children were able to talk about what they found in the soil.

Last week, they were set a challenge to build a raft that would fit them and their team and get them safely across the stormy sea! This proved to be a very physical task and lots of teamwork was required.

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This week the children learnt how to tie a reef knot. This would help them when building mini rafts.

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“ I loved making the giant rafts the best because I liked working with my friends” Linda

“Wow, I can do this!” Lucie

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