Attendance & Punctuality

Mulgrave Primary School is committed to supporting the children to achieve the bestImg 4535 possible attendance, to enable every child to achieve their full potential.  There is a strong link between positive school attendance and achieving a good education.  Children who frequently miss school may fall behind.  If any parents are having difficulty then please come and speak to our home school liaison officer, Mrs Clark.

Weekly Attendance

Week Beginning 02.03.2020

Early Years

Class Attendance
N Acorn 84.8%
ICAN Acorn 91.0%
FT N Acorn 90.1%
R Walnut 89.1%
R Chestnut 93.2%
Total 89.6%


KS1 and KS2

Class Attendance
1 Pine 95.0%
1 Hazel 94.2%
2 Ash 94.0%
2 Sycamore 97.1%
3 Oak 96.3%
3 Cherry 96.3%
4 Acer 95.8%
4 Cypress 96.3%
5 Cedar 95.2%
5 Olive 94.5%
6 Elm 95.3%
6 Beech 96.6%
Total 95.6%

Attendance Rewards

Class attendance is monitored on a weekly basis.  The classes with the highest Img 4543attendance percentage in both Nursery-Reception and Years 1-6 are rewarded by looking after our School Attendance Bear for a week.

Attendance certificates are given to those children who achieve 100% attendance in a term.  At the end of the academic year, all pupils with 100% attendance will receive a certificate and will also be entered into a prize draw!

We also send home postcards to children who have made an improvement in their attendance.


Family holidays will not be authorised by Mulgrave Primary School during term time.  If you decide to take your child on holiday during term time you will be at risk of receiving a penalty fine from the Attendance Advisory Service.  If you need to take your child out of school due to exceptional circumstances you will need to put this in writing to our Headteacher.

Fast Track to Prosecution

Mulgrave is committed to the Local Authority Scheme ‘Fast Track to Prosecution’.  Children are selected for Fast Track when their attendance is a continued cause for concern and parents fail to engage with the school.  Regular meetings are held with the Home/School Liaison Officer, Royal Borough of Greenwich (RBG) Attendance Advisory Officer, and parents, to monitor the attendance of those children on Fast Track.  When a child is absent through illness, parents must provide medical evidence from the GP, either by letter, a copy of the prescription or, by bringing the named medication to the school office as evidence of their child’s absence.  Failure to follow this process will result in the absence being recorded as 'unauthorised'.  If there is no improvement in attendance over a period of time, the school will refer the child to the RBG Attendance Advisory Service who may then take steps to issue a penalty fine or bring about court action.


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