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Forest School

Posted on: 23/09/2019

On 8th February Mulgrave welcomed parents from the Early Years to attend an open morning for Forest School.

This was a great opportunity to showcase the benefits of children attending Forest School sessions, outlining the importance of outdoor play, risk taking and child-led learning. The parents were able to meet with the Early Years Leader, Sara Bruquetas, and the Forest School Leader, Rebecca Foote whereby they could ask questions, share their ideas and opinions and express any possible concerns. After watching the presentation, the parents were given the opportunity to visit the Forest School site and explore the environment that the children would be learning in. It was great to see the enthusiasm of so many parents when discussing the sessions and they were very eager for their children to begin the sessions.

Here are some of the comments we received from parents after the open morning had finished:

“I look forward to seeing the difference Forest School will have on my child. I believe it will only have a positive impact that will make her flourish”

“I did not know much about Forest School but it sounds very interesting and hope it will only benefit my child’s learning in a positive way. I know she will enjoy it and it is nice that they can explore the outdoor environment”.

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